Milestones & Outputs



M1 Project’s Website
Internal Evaluation Tools
- checklist for process evaluation
- protocol for focus groups   
- questionnaires for experts’ evaluation
- questionnaires (pre, post, follow-up) for the teachers' seminar evaluation
- questionnaires (pre-, post-, follow-up) for effectiveness evaluation of the GEAR against IPV Workshops implementation
M7 Combined Supplementary Material
M8 Master GEAR against IPV Package
National GEAR against IPV Packages
Developed & translated Greek GEAR against IPV Package
Developed & translated German GEAR against IPV Package
Developed & translated Austrian GEAR against IPV Package
Developed & translated Croatian GEAR against IPV Package

Short joint Report based on expert’s evaluation & focus groups’ results

M14 Final Master GEAR against IPV Package in English
M15 Five Final National GEAR against IPV Packages
M16 15000 CDs
M17 15000 Leaflets
M18 30.000 bookmarks
M19 210 Trained Teachers/ Health Education Coordinators/ social work students
M20 Teachers’ Seminars Evaluation data


GEAR against IPV Workshops Implementations
- Completion of the GEAR against IPV workshops' implementation in ~30 classes in 3 countries
-Data collection for GEAR against IPV workshops’ evaluation
M23 Evaluation data analysis
M24 Four joint internal reports on the main activities of the project
  Completion of dissemination activities nationally/ EU-wide
  External Evaluation Report

Final report



The Project’s concrete outputs were:

  1. The Master GEAR against IPV Package (available in English) which consists of the following 4 booklets:
    • Booklet I: The Master GEAR against IPV Package and How to Develop your own National Package
    • Booklet II: Guidelines for Conducting a “GEAR against IPV” Teachers’ Seminar
    • Booklet III: “GEAR against IPV” Teachers’ Manual
    • Booklet IV: “GEAR against IPV” Students’ Activities Book

  2. Four National “GEAR against IPV” Packages:
    • The Austrian “GEAR against IPV” Package
    • The Croatian “GEAR against IPV” Package
    • The German “GEAR against IPV” Package
    • The Greek “GEAR against IPV” Package
      Each one of the aforementioned National Packages consists of 4 Booklets (Total: 20 Booklets).

  3. The Master and all National “GEAR against IPV” Packages are included in 15.000 CD-ROM copies that were produced (ISBN: 978-960-9569-00-2)

  4. The Project’s Dissemination Leaflet (15.000 printed copies) which is available in the following 5 languages/versions :
    • English Dissemination Leaflet
    • Austrian Dissemination Leaflet
    • Croatian Dissemination Leaflet
    • German Dissemination Leaflet
    • Greek Dissemination Leaflet


  5. 32.500 Bookmarks for students available in 7 versions (English, Austrian, Croatian, German, Greek, Turkish, Bosnian-Serbian-Croatian)
  6. Training of 167 high school teachers and professionals related to high schools (e.g. School Social Workers, Social Work Students and Health Education Coordinators).
  7. Implementation of “GEAR against IPV Workshops” in 27 classes of high schools in Greece (13 workshops implemented in schools located in Athens, Larissa, Achaia, Serres and Milos), Germany (3 workshops implemented in schools located in Brandenburg) and Austria (11 workshops implemented in schools located in Lower Austria, Styria, Upper Austria). A total of 556 students (13-22 years old) comprised the intervention group (252 in Greece, 249 in Austria, 55 in Germany) and 458 students comprised the control group (264 in Greece, 161 in Austria, 33 in Germany).
  8. The Project’s Website ( available in four languages (GR-DE-TR-EN)
  9. Four consolidated Reports on the main activities of the project that were implemented in the partner countries, namely:
  10. The Action Grant Final Narrative Report (submitted to DG Justice)
  11. The External Evaluation Report